Solitaire Rings

Nothing says class, style and elegance than Diamond Solitaire Ring. The tradition of wearing Engagement Rings, symbolises 'The Promise' of a future together which is sealed with the giving and accepting of a ring.  The tradition of giving a Diamond engagement ring dates back to the 13th Century.  Mary of Burgandy ids the first known recipient of a Diamond Engagement Ring, in 1477. Betrothal rings were initially given as a pledge to marry.  All Wedding and engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand because the vein in this finger, called the 'Vena Amoris' was believed to run directly to the heart which is closely associated with love. The circular shape of rings symbolises unending love.



18KT White Gold Diamond Solitaire wit...

NOW £575.00 Was £960.00

18KT White Gold Marquise Diamond Soli...

NOW £1,600.00 Was £2,650.00

18KT White Gold Diamond Solitaire Rin...

NOW £1,950.00 Was £3,150.00

Platinum Diamond Solitaire

NOW £2,280.00 Was £3,800.00

Platinum Oval Diamond Solitaire

NOW £2,460.00 Was £4,100.00

18ct White Gold Emerald cut Diamond S...

NOW £3,150.00 Was £5,200.00

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